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    surge in 999 emergency calls

    Heatwave Causes Surge In 999 Emergency Calls Across The Country

    It’s been announced that we are officially in Britain’s longest heatwave for the past 20 years, and whilst the [...]
    YOPEY Befriender Scheme

    MBE For Charity Founder Connecting Young People With Dementia Residents

    Tony Gearing, the founder of the charity YOPEY Befriender, has been awarded an MBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours [...]
    Ideal diet for arthritis

    The Perfect Diet For People Living With Arthritis

    At Mangar Health, we have seen many of our customers’ living with the effects of arthritis and it got [...]
    reduce arthritis pain

    Six Top Tips On How To Reduce Arthritis Pain

    There are around 10 million people who suffer from arthritis in the UK. Arthritis causes painful inflammation of the [...]

    8 Top Tips For Travelling With A Disability

    Here at Mangar Health, we’re passionate about ensuring everyone gets to live a full and exciting life. With that [...]
    single handed care

    Single Handed Care: Practicality vs Budget Constraints

    Deborah Harrison is a Manual Handling and Single Handed Care Specialist, as well as the Managing Director of A1 [...]
    care home worker

    The Beginner’s Guide To Working In A Care Home

    We’ve been talking a lot recently about what it’s like to work in a care home as part of [...]

    How I Learnt To Live With Chronic Back Pain

    Here at Mangar Health, we’re passionate about finding solutions to enable independence for people of all ages. We’ve been [...]
    patient specific slings

    11 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Mangar’s Slings

    If you’re only familiar with a few of our products then it’s most likely you know Mangar Health for [...]
    Elderly Care

    8 Things No One Warns You About When Working In A Care Home

    We don’t think you need to work in a care home to appreciate what a challenging, though rewarding, a [...]
    chronic illness

    How My Chronic Illness Affects Those Around Me

    At Mangar it’s our mission to protect carers from injury and support their wellbeing whilst looking after others. With [...]
    active in old age

    Four Ideas for Keeping Active in Old Age

    Here at Mangar Health, we spend a lot of time discussing what happens after an uninjured resident falls. We’ve [...]

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