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    Mangar Health Celebrates 40 Years of Innovation

    2021 is the year Mangar Health celebrates 40 years of a business, a company founded on a unique idea [...]

    Just get me up!

    Mangar Health was delighted to host a falls and frailty webinar this morning for the College of Paramedics, attracting [...]

    The impact of repetitive lifting on emergency services personnel

    Work Related Musculoskeletal Disorders (WRMSDs) account for a significant number of lost workdays worldwide according to the World Health [...]

    Bariatric moving & handling- challenges and solutions

    The moving and handling challenges presented to carers and professionals when supporting their bariatric patients can be considerable and [...]

    Domiciliary Care Company, Doris Jones has Mangar lifting cushion funded through COVID Infection Control scheme

    Physiotherapist Caroline Southgate is the founder of domiciliary care company Doris Jones. Like many health and social care organisations, [...]

    SECAmb pioneering new protocol for spinal injury patients

    South East Coast Ambulance NHS Foundation Trust (SECAmb) is pioneering a new treatment protocol for spinal injury patients in [...]

    Rock Legend has a Whole Lotta Love for local Community Nursing Teams

    A rock legend has described Worcestershire’s community nurses as ‘unsung heroes’ after donating new equipment to one of the [...]

    Safe lifting for carers and residents using lifting cushions

    Care Homes across the UK are committed to creating a safe, happy environment for both residents and their carers.  [...]

    Preventing Hospital Admissions Due to A Fall In A Care Home

    Working in the care sector means you are looking after the most vulnerable people in our society. We understand [...]

    Presteigne Production Workers Join Fight Against COVID 19

    Key workers across the country have been going beyond the call of duty in the fight against COVID 19, [...]

    Our Top Five Favourite Good News Stories

    1. NHS Volunteers When the chips are down there’s nothing more important than all banding together as a society [...]

    Human Resilience Brings Positivity To Workplaces Across The Country

    Reading through the vast amount of information streaming through social feeds and news platforms it is immediately clear that [...]

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