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    Human Resilience Brings Positivity To Workplaces Across The Country

    Reading through the vast amount of information streaming through social feeds and news platforms it is immediately clear that there is an overwhelming appreciation for the NHS.  Whatever the challenge facing doctors, nurses, paramedics, occupational therapists and carers; they appear to draw on a super human  resilience to bring positivity into a challenging workplace.

    Here’s just some of the highlights we’ve discovered so far.

    A care home in Wales sets up a fantastic version of ‘hungry hippos’ where residents in wheelchairs battled to secure the coloured balls in makeshift plastic boxes . Brilliantly creative!

    Another care home in Australia played a game of ‘hallway Bingo’, where residents sat in the door way to their bedroom.  This meant residents could be kept at least 2 meters apart while ensuring a favourite pastime could continue.


    We’ve seen paramedics go beyond the call of duty in more ways than one.  Due to potential contamination reasons, our knights of the road are shaving off their beards for the greater good.  See here Mitchell Barry from Wales Ambulance Service Trust –  before and after!

    We also know of course that 4,000 nurses and 500 doctors have registered to  come out of retirement and join colleagues on the front line.   At the best of times, HSE reports that around 4.3% of people who work in ‘human health and social work ‘ will suffer work-related ill health (significantly higher than the national average), yet this committed group of workers are selflessly volunteering to re-enter the workplace.

    For the rest of us we must stay home to keep others safe. As a manufacturer of medical devices we are committed to supplying the equipment needed to protect workers such as paramedics and carers from moving and handling injuries.  We will play our part while ensuring we follow the social distancing guidelines and look after the safety of our staff.


    • March 24, 2020
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