New Mangar Health Employee Buys The Perfect Gift For A Loved One

Sharron Price joined the telesales sales team in November 2017 and it didn’t take her long before she purchased a Mangar Health product for a special someone … in fact, just one week.


Sharron and Linda Price


Pictured: Linda Price and Sharron Price, Telesales Executive from Mangar Health


During Sharron’s training she was introduced to one of our bathing aids, the Mangar Bathing Cushion. Through the training, Sharron soon learned all the features and benefits of the cushion, including the fact it’s lightweight, portable and no expensive installation costs are needed.


It wasn’t long until Sharron realised it was a great product, but more importantly, would be perfect for her own mum, Linda.


I thought the bathing cushion was a fantastic idea!”

Sharron Price, Telesales Executive at Mangar Health


Linda Price, aged 77 years old, has lived with arthritis for several years and had knee replacement surgery five years ago because of it. Sharron explains the difficulties her mum used to have;


“I knew my mum had been struggling to get in and out of the bath and was having more showers than baths because of it.

“To be able to get out of the bath she was literally twisting her body onto her knees, and then twisting her arm around her back to try and grab hold of something to try and lever herself up. This was very painful, as well as, inconvenient for her.”

After Sharron’s first week at Mangar Health, Sharron was due to visit her mum at the weekend. She soon found herself showing her mum the Mangar Health website and looking at the bathing cushion videos together, to which her mum explained how she’d ‘love one of them’.


The following Monday, Sharron came into work and purchased a Mangar Bathing Cushion for her mum as the ‘perfect’ Christmas present.


“I couldn’t think of anything better than to give my mum a gift that would actually change

her life for the better.”


Sharron explains the special moment when she gave her mum the present on Christmas Day;


When I gave my mum her present, as soon as she’d opened it, her face lit up! Even though she was at my house for Christmas, the first thing she did was get into my bath.”

“I remembered from my training that it was important to do a dry run first, just in case it wasn’t right and we needed to return it. But it was perfect!”


“I then left her to it and shut the door, she got in herself and was soon

singing a way in the bath – bless her.”


“I also got her some Himalayan bath salts as they’re good for arthritis

and she absolutely loved it.”

“She’s taken it home now and has been calling me saying ‘Oh I love my bathing cushion.

I’ve been showing my friends.”


The bathing cushion has also given Sharron her own peace of mind;


She continues, “My mum lives alone and a good couple of hours away from me. She used to only have a bath if either my sister or I was there in case she got stuck.

Thankfully, I can now relax in the knowledge that the bathing cushion will only lower my mum into the bath, if it’s got enough battery charge to lift her back out again.

In that sense, it has been a wonder for us both.”


Before joining Mangar Health and other previous sales jobs, Sharron had worked as a carer for several years and has experience in care homes, home care and hospitals, where she cared for both the elderly and young.


Sharron talks about her previous experience as a carer; “I loved the work. I absolutely loved the work because I’m a caring person. I can’t see anyone struggle.

So I like to know that I’m doing a good job.  So I found the job very rewarding.”


Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, Sharon could no longer work as a carer and went into sales where she’s had over 10 years of experience.


“It was great when I realised Mangar Health was looking for a new telesales executive. It’s like the perfect job for me because it combines both my sales and carer experience.”

“It also feels just as rewarding because I can see the Mangar products are a need rather than a want. These products make a huge difference in people’s lives,

from the caregiver to the individual.”


“I can wholeheartedly say if I was still working as a carer, I would definitely use Mangar Health products to help the residents in my care and also to help protect my back. They’re a lot more dignified and personal for the resident to use.”


If you’d like to request a free demonstration of the bathing cushion please click here or for more information regarding any of our products please click here.

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