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Jumping into bed after a long day can be a distant memory for many people with limited mobility.

The stresses and strains of the process can sometimes outweigh the positives of curling up between the sheets and that is something we’re keen to limit for Mangar customers.

Mangar Health Products

Our range of bedroom aids have been designed to assist with some of the challenges faced by people with restricted movement, not only getting in and out of bed but sitting up in bed too.

The range of options has one thing in common and that’s to reduce the frustration and sometimes distress associated with bedtime to enhance the opportunity for more independent living.

For carers and medical professionals, this means a reduction in manual handling, which in turn limits the risk of injury. For the individual at home, it means a much more relaxing bedtime routine which can result in a better night’s sleep all round.

Our inflatable bedroom products are available to purchase from either your nearest Mangar distributor, or on our online store.

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    The inflatable Leglifter is a bedroom aid designed to assist people who experience difficulty when raising, lifting and transferring their legs into bed.

    135kgMaximum User Weight

    Handy Pillowlift

    The Handy Pillowlift is an inflatable backrest designed to mould around the body to give patients complete comfort while sleeping.

    135kgMaximum User Weight

    The Sit-u-Up Pillowlift

    The Mangar Sit-u-Up Pillowlift is similar to the Handy Pillowlift as it allows patients to sit up in a comfortable position in bed, the structured backrest, however makes it the more supportive option of the two.

    150kgMaximum User Weight

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