Our Commitment To The Environment

We are in the caring profession and while for the most part that means caring about delivering products that improve the quality of life for our customers, it also means we care about the environment too.

Our Commitment to the Environment – Internal Team

We’ve appointed an internal team of environmental champions who keep an eye on us to make sure our day to day lives in the Mangar workplace are as environmentally friendly as possible. This has led to the following arrangements:

  • We always separate rubbish for recycling
  • We switch off computers, monitors and lights wherever possible
  • We only print documents when absolutely necessary, and then always print double-sided
  • We conserve and reuse all scrap paper
  • We reuse any packaging materials we receive – such as polystyrene chips – to package spare parts
  • Wherever possible product packaging is homogenised (only one material used) to aid recycling.
  • We make sure electrical parts are passed to B2B Compliance for recycling in accordance with WEEE Regulations.
  • We organise all national sales meetings in venues near train stations to avoid our team having to drive across the country
  • We have installed two large water butts to provide water for the plants and grounds at head office
  • We offer all our leaflets, newsletters, quotes, purchase orders, and many other documents in electronic format in order to reduce the amount of print we produce

Our Commitment to the Environment – Products

Product wise, we are doing our very best to make sure our products are suitable for recycling.

Take our Archimedes Bathlift for example:

  • The plastic components can be ground down and remoulded to make new plastic products
  • The batteries are reprocessed by a certified company and the metals recovered
  • The rubber of the suction cups and transit tie can be ground and reused in low-grade rubber items such as shoe soles and car mats
  • The aluminium can be melted down and reused in all sorts of different aluminium based items – drinks cans, cars, even planes!

If you would like more information on our green credentials or have any questions on how to recycle our products please do contact us.

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