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Mrs Ann Watson,

In our years of experience, we have come to learn that being able to enjoy a relaxing soak in the bath is not so much a functional requirement of daily life but a really important part of our health and well-being.

It is therefore quite fitting that bathing is where Mangar began its journey to help people remain independent for longer. We invented the first powered bath lift back in 1981 and now our bathing products sell in their thousands across the globe.

Mangar Health bathing products

The purpose of our bathing aids is in many senses quite simple – they help people with limited ability get in and out of the bath.

Looking more closely at their benefits, we see they also serve to protect people’s dignity and independence which is a key feature of health and well-being.

Indeed, the benefits of bathing cannot be overlooked – it is a therapy in itself which can help with pain relief and relaxation and should not be limited to the more mobile amongst us.

Our range of products includes both rigid and inflatable bath seats and can be brought into a home without the unwelcome and costly disruption of installing walk-in baths, showers or bath hoists.

Where to buy

Our inflatable bathing products are available to purchase from either your nearest Mangar distributor, or on our online store.

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    Bathing Products

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    Bathing Cushion

    Our lightweight and portable bathing cushion lowers patients into the bath, then raises them back up so they can easily get out when they are finished.

    150kgMaximum User Weight

    Surfer Bather

    The Surfer Bather is a powered elevating bath lift which helps to minimise the moving and handling risks for parents and carers.

    50kgMaximum User Weight
    135cmMaximum User Height
    70 degreesBackrest Angle

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