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    patient specific slings

    11 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Mangar’s Slings

    If you’re only familiar with a few of our products then it’s most likely you know Mangar Health for [...]
    Elderly Care

    8 Things No One Warns You About When Working In A Care Home

    We don’t think you need to work in a care home to appreciate what a challenging, though rewarding, a [...]
    chronic illness

    How My Chronic Illness Affects Those Around Me

    At Mangar it’s our mission to protect carers from injury and support their wellbeing whilst looking after others. With [...]
    active in old age

    Four Ideas for Keeping Active in Old Age

    Here at Mangar Health, we spend a lot of time discussing what happens after an uninjured resident falls. We’ve [...]
    Care home worker call

    The Top Five Calls All Care Home Workers Dread Making

    Here at Mangar Health we’ve nothing but respect for the thousands of dedicated individuals working across the country in [...]
    Care home

    6 Financial Costs Care Homes Could Easily Avoid But Don’t

    Here at Mangar Health we’ve been talking a lot lately about residents falling over in care homes. We’ve discussed [...]
    old lady fallen

    The Unspoken Emotional Impact Of Falling In Old Age

    Elderly residents falling in care homes and hurting themselves gets discussed a lot within the care industry, the immediate [...]
    Care home fall

    6 Reasons An Elderly Resident Should Never Be Left On The Floor

    If you don’t support a loved one living at home or work in a healthcare environment, such as a [...]
    Pot of tea

    A Proper ‘Cuppa’ Proven To Reduce Dementia Rates by 50%

    Could staving off dementia in old age really be that simple? Recent research has revealed that the simple act [...]
    Preparing For Old Age

    You Only Die Once – 14 Things You MUST Do To Prepare For Old Age

    Old age. It’s one of the last taboo subjects of modern society. Everyone’s aware of it, everyone knows it [...]

    How A Trip To The Hair Salon Can Help People With Dementia

    Jenny Twigg is the owner of Lily Pins, the UK’s only provider of dementia-trained hairdressers. She’s been working as [...]

    Arthritis and Bathing

    Although soaking in a warm bath can be incredibly soothing to someone living with arthritis, bathing and showering can [...]

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