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    11 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Mangar’s Slings

    If you’re only familiar with a few of our products then it’s most likely you know Mangar Health for their inflatable bathing cushions or patient lifting devices like the Camel or ELK.

    We are (of course) immensely proud of these products and the changes they’ve had on people’s lives (you can view some testimonials here) but as great as they are we know there’s still, occasionally, a need for a good old fashioned hoist and sling, especially in situations like bed to chair transfers, chair to car transfers or vice versa etc.

    So where should you go if you need to replace all your old disposable patient specific slings?

    Well did you know that we sell our very own range of slings? We offer all our clients disposable clip patient specific slings manufactured by the original patient sling company who have been the industry standard in the UK for the last fifteen years. And that’s not all…

    patient specific slings


    Did You Also Know…


    1. As just mentioned, all our disposable clip slings are manufactured and supplied to us by the original patient specific sling company, meaning our slings have been specifically designed for the industry standard hoist that’s been a staple of hospitals for the last eighteen years.
    2. Extensive, independent testing has proven that the Mangar Health original slings are of a high quality, with proven robust materials used allowing them to last longer; thus reducing long term costs.
    3. Each and everyone one of our slings are individually tested to a safe working load of 272 kilos giving you piece of mind over other manufactures slings.
    4. Every single one of our slings complies with the international standard EN ISO 10535 for hoists and the transfer of disabled persons which has been tested by TUV Rheinland, an external testing house as complying to the static over load testing of 1.5x the rated load.
    5. We make sure all our fabric is tested before it’s cut into slings, ensuring you can be confident that our high standards of quality will be replicated across all of our range.
    6. After production we’ll never ship out any of our slings without first batch testing them to doubly ensure their durability and flexibility.
    7. All our slings will go through two separate scanners after production and before shipping to ensure there are zero metal traces in the fiber for your patient’s safety.
    8. Have you ever treated a one size fits all patient? No? Then why would you want a one size fits all sling? Unlike many of the alternative slings out there, the original patient sling we supply is available in six different sizes of which you will already be familiar with (all tested up to a safe working load of 272 kilos), from an extra small (perfect for children) right through to an extra-large, perfect for any height or weight patient you may have to care for!
    9. We know how rushed things can be in an emergency so for ease of access we’ve colour coded all our different sized slings to the industry standard meaning there’ll be no need to retrain your staff or stores in their use.
    10. We’re happy to admit that there are some cheaper slings out there, however ours, unlike the cheaper alternatives, have been specifically designed to be used in conjunction with the industry standard clip hoist meaning nothing can go wrong with our patient specific slings whilst in use.
    11. Finally, whilst we’ve talked about cheaper alternatives, we’re proud to state that significant savings are available on a standard box of ten slings when compared to the most popular alternative, which adds up to huge annual savings for you!


    Have we convinced you? You can learn more about our original patient specific sling’s here or you can get in touch with us about them on 0800 2800 485 or by emailing

    • June 08, 2017
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