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    Arthritis and Bathing

    Although soaking in a warm bath can be incredibly soothing to someone living with arthritis, bathing and showering can also be a huge a challenge. Bathing tasks can require a tremendous energy, especially in the morning when people with arthritis or limited mobility tend to suffer the most pain.

    Here at Mangar Health, we know how valuable it can be to have a nice long soak, so we thought we’d share the different ways to help make bath time easier for those with arthritis or limited mobility, including both assisted living aids and home remedies.

    arthritis and bathing

    Making Bathing with Arthritis Easier

    One of the most common things people with arthritis need assistance with while bathing is getting in and out of the bathtub. There are lots of ways to help with this, including:

    • Using grab rails mounted on either side of their bathtub or shower.
    • Having a walk-in bathtub or shower without a step, reducing the risk of tripping and allowing them to walk straight in.
    • Putting everything you need in a caddy nearby to reduce the amount of time you need to get in and out of the bath.
    • Using assisted living aids, such as the Mangar Bathing Cushion or Archimedes Bath Lift, to lower yourself into the bath and raise you back up when you’re finished.
    • If you prefer to shower and can’t stand for long periods of time have a seat or bath bench installed to prevent you from falling or slipping.

    Other tips also include:

    • Keeping your shampoo and conditioner in dispensers attached to the wall so you don’t need to squeeze a bottle with wet hands.
    • Using a bath pillow to help prevent pain in your back or neck.
    • Using a hand-held showerhead or long-handled sponge to make it easier to wash hard-to-reach places and avoid bending and stretching.
    • Use homemade bath salts made with sea salt and peppermint essential oils to help soothe pain and soreness.


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