New Mangar Distributor Lifted By Heart-Warming Moment

Nils-Christian Fjaerbu



When your job is to promote life-changing products like those designed and manufactured by Mangar Health, there can be emotional moments helping people with limited mobility retain their independence.


Nils-Christian Fjaebu, our new distributor in Norway was excited to begin selling Mangar products but was taken by surprise when he experienced a heart-warming moment with a client so soon after being appointed.


Nils-Christian had been asked to demonstrate a Mangar ELK to a young lady who was paralysed from the waist down. She had been living independently but was finding transferring from the floor into her wheelchair or to a seated position, more and more difficult.


Nils-Christian explained, ‘When I arrived to meet the young lady involved I knew the Mangar ELK lifting cushion would be of benefit to her but I didn’t realise just how much.’


He continued, ‘I am a strong advocate of the ELK after seeing with my own eyes the difference it can make to someone’s life.’


The Mangar ELK is an inflatable emergency lifting cushion is designed to deliver a dignified and safe lift. It can easily be used in confined spaces and is regularly prescribed in home environments across the UK.


Nils-Christian said, ‘After demonstrating the Mangar ELK it wasn’t long until the patient was having a go herself and quickly took to the product. She was using it independently to help her get up and off the floor and into her wheelchair. It was a delight to see.’


The patient had also explained how she had never been able to enjoy the simple pleasure of sitting on the grass and enjoying a picnic during the summer with her friends. Even with friends or family to help her up she still had difficulties.


Nils-Christian concluded. ‘It was so emotional to see how the Mangar ELK would change her life and witness how happy she was to find a piece of equipment that was so easy to use.


‘I’m looking forward to working with Mangar in the future and promoting products that I am confident will change many lives for the better.’


If you would like to see more information regarding the Mangar ELK or are interested in becoming a distributor, please click here.

  • July 07, 2017
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