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Old lady fallen over
July 20, 2020

How To Reduce Post Falls Syndrome

Written by: Kate Sheehan, Occupational Therapist    A fall is defined as a unintentional move from a higher to a [...]
First Responders: Time To Talk About Your Bad Day

First Responders: Time To Talk About Your Bad Day At Work

First responders are always there to help us, but who’s there to help them? It can’t be easy or [...]

Info-graphic: Reducing Worker Injuries For EMT’s

Thousands of sick days are lost every year to incorrect manual handling techniques in the EMS sector.     [...]
Financial Costs Ambulance Agencies Could Avoid But Don't

Financial Costs Emergency Medical Services Could Avoid But Don’t

Unfortunately, as many EMS workers will know and you sadly may have witnessed yourselves, due to the nature of [...]

Outdated Manual Handling Practices Causes Rise In Injuries To Paramedics

Emergency care has been recognised for many years as exposing ambulance workers to high risks of musculoskeletal injuries. Paramedics [...]
The Devastating Long Term Effects Manual Handling Injuries

The Devastating Effects Of Long Term Manual Handling Injuries

We all know someone that does or has suffered from a manual handling injury or has maybe even had [...]
The Short Term Effects Of Manual Handling Injuries

The Short Term Effects Of Manual Handling Injuries

In our recent article, ‘The Devastating Effects Of Long-Term Manual Handling Injuries’ we discussed the long-term effects of manual handling [...]
Senate Proposes Bill To Support Paramedics

Senate Proposes Bill To Support Paramedics

The State House Of Pennsylvania has recently approved legislation which will require insurance companies to reimburse ambulance services when [...]
Care home fall

6 Reasons An Elderly Resident Should Never Be Left On The Floor

If you don’t support a loved one living at home or work in a healthcare environment, such as a [...]
crisis response falls team case study

Crisis Response Falls Team: Reducing Admissions and Repeat Falls

Provided by: East Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Trust Published by: NICE The following case study provided by East Midlands [...]
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