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Virtual Reality Helps Lonely Resident

Virtual Reality Helps Lonely Long Term Care Residents

Unfortunately, many residents in senior living communities can experience long periods of time without a visit from a family [...]

Outdated Manual Handling Practises Cause A Rise In Injuries To Healthcare Workers

Working in healthcare can be a demanding job, not only emotionally but also physically. Caregiver’s frequently using their own [...]

Financial Costs Assisted Living Facilities Could Easily Avoid But Don’t

As Assisted Living Facilities are a business and not government-funded or a charity it’s important to keep an eye [...]
7 Red Flags Of Early Onset Dementia

7 Red Flags Of Early Onset Dementia

Have you been noticing differences in yourself or someone close to you? Have you noticed subtle changes in memory, [...]
Where To Get Help If You Think You Or Someone Is Living With Dementia

Where To Get Help If You Think You Or A Loved One Is Living With Dementia

If you’ve noticed that either you or someone close has been showing the early symptoms of dementia you should [...]
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