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    Safe lifting for carers and residents using lifting cushions

    Care Homes across the UK are committed to creating a safe, happy environment for both residents and their carers.  [...]

    Preventing Hospital Admissions Due to A Fall In A Care Home

    Working in the care sector means you are looking after the most vulnerable people in our society. We understand [...]
    East Suffolk CCG Gives A Lift To Local Care Homes

    Ipswich and East Suffolk CCG gives a lift to local Care homes

    A collaboration between Ipswich and East Suffolk Clinical Commissioning Group and Mangar Health has been launched to safeguard the [...]

    Doctor Explains The Importance Of Post Falls Assessment Tool, ISTUMBLE

    “The reason I became involved with the ISTUMBLE project is that it is so profoundly positive for residents of [...]
    Successful Collaboration Improves the Lives of Residents and Healthcare Workers

    Successful Collaboration Improves the Lives of Residents and Healthcare Workers

    The Wales Care Home Project was launched in January as an initiative to safeguard the lives of care home [...]

    App Launched To Provide Carers With An Interactive Post Falls Assessment Tool

    A free interactive post falls assessment tool devised by the West Midlands Ambulance Service has officially launched and is [...]

    Collaboration Launched To Safeguard The Lives Of Care Home Residents

    An initiative to safeguard the lives of care home residents and reduce the impact on ambulance services, particularly during [...]
    Care home fall

    Frequently Asked Questions About: Falls In The Elderly

    Mangar Health is a world leader in the design, manufacture and supply of inflatable moving and handling equipment, designed [...]

    Why Post Falls Management Is Being Given A Lift

    As the UK population continues to age, falls will remain an everyday challenge for healthcare professionals.  People living with [...]

    Frequently Asked Questions About: Arthritis

    What Is Arthritis? The word arthritis comes from the Greek and literally means joint inflammation (arthr – joint, itis [...]
    Old lady fallen over

    How To Reduce Post Falls Syndrome

    Written by: Kate Sheehan, Occupational Therapist    A fall is defined as a unintentional move from a higher to a [...]
    The Oaks Care Home resident Ann Lillico testing her punching power on pads held by carer Elizabeth Morton

    Care Home Improves Residents Wellbeing With Karate

    Armchair Karate has been getting elderly care home residents testing their punching power – and improving their health and wellbeing. [...]

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