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    Reducing musculoskeletal injuries in care facilities

    Reducing Musculoskeletal Injuries In Care Facilities

    It has been stated that “The adult human form is an awkward burden to lift or carry. Weighing up [...]

    Covid – 19: Recuperation and rehabilitation

    The term rehabilitation is being used far more frequently in the press recently for good reason, but does everyone [...]

    The advantages of using a mobile hoist

    This article will discuss the reasons why we use mobile hoists from the basic biomechanical, through to the functional [...]

    Case Study: Hengoed Park Care Home

    Hengoed Park Care Home took part in the Care Home Project which was an initiative endorsed and funded by [...]
    maintaining purposeful occupation fatigue ms

    Maintaining purposeful occupation, fatigue & MS

    Just as the word “depression” is often over-used, describing any state of low mood, including temporary lows or natural [...]

    Falling Into Fear Of Falling

    Around a third of people aged over 65 and a half of people aged over 80 fall each year1. [...]

    Doctor Explains The Importance Of Post Falls Assessment Tool, ISTUMBLE

    “The reason I became involved with the ISTUMBLE project is that it is so profoundly positive for residents of [...]

    Post Falls Management: Mangar Health speak out in Parliamentary Review

    Mangar Health were featured in the Parliamentary Review highlighting best practice in post falls management. Mangar Health is working with [...]
    Old lady fallen over

    How To Reduce Post Falls Syndrome

    Written by: Kate Sheehan, Occupational Therapist    A fall is defined as a unintentional move from a higher to a [...]
    Mangar Health Inflatable Bath Cushion

    Case Study: Happiness Is A Hot Relaxing Bath

    Creating Relaxing Moments in Later Years By: Maggie Winchcombe, OBE   Introduction Taking a bath is a practical task [...]
    Mangar Ekamove

    Evaluation Of The Mangar Ekamove In The Community

    Case Study Written by Kelly Phelan, Tissue Viability Nurse for London Northwest University Healthcare Trust Contact at: Featherstone Road Clinic   [...]
    St Leonard's Hospice

    The Ekamove Lateral Patient Turning System In A Hospice Environment

    St Leonard’s Hospice The Ekamove Lateral Patient Turning System In A Hospice Environment   ‘Having trialed two other similar [...]

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