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    Old lady fallen over

    How To Reduce Post Falls Syndrome

    Written by: Kate Sheehan, Occupational Therapist    A fall is defined as a unintentional move from a higher to a [...]

    Case Study: Fall Prevention In Care Homes

    Falls: The huge cost to the individual, Nursing homes, their carers, the NHS and social care.   This paper [...]

    Case Study: A New Standard For Rapid Disinfection Of Ambulances

      Improvement Issue And Context The emergency (pre-hospital) environment within an ambulance represents a high risk area for the [...]
    care home resident

    When Should And Shouldn’t You Lift A Fallen Resident?

    A question often asked in carehomes is when is it safe to lift an uninjured frequent faller using a lifting [...]

    Case Study: A Solution To Manual Handling In The Workplace

    Below you will find the full case study of how Surrey Ambulance Service introduced the ELK, one of Mangar [...]

    Case Study: EMS Chief Blames Chronic Back Pain On Lifting Practices

    Daniel McGuire was a field EMT for 23 years before chronic back problems brought the EMS career he loved [...]

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