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    Leglifter for the NHS

    The sales assistant on the telephone was very good and helpful with the replacement needed being arranged and delivered very quickly. Thank you.
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    Case Study: Living With MS Made Easier With A Mangar ELK

    Jennifer Humphrey, Plymouth Jennifer Humphrey is 73 and lives in an assisted living apartment on the outskirts of Plymouth.  A retired accounts administrator, she is treasurer of the residents’ social club and enjoys spending time with her 8 year old granddaughter Daisy. Jennifer was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in her early [...]


    If you’re working with patients that struggle lifting their legs in and out of bed the risk of back injury is quite high. With that in mind, we created the Leglifter – an inflatable aid that allows people to support, lift and transfer their legs in to bed.

    The Mangar Leglifter has been designed to easily attach to the bed using straps that are placed underneath the mattress. This means it is incredibly easy to install and remove, there is no need for any expensive installations and when it is not in use, it fits discreetly down the side of the bed.

    Who Can Use it?

    The Leglifter is designed for those who struggle raising and lifting their legs in and out of bed, or those who may need some assistance during their bedtime routine. That being said, we believe the lifter is not only a great aid for patients but for their caregivers in the NHS too, reducing the overall need for manual handling and minimising the risk of back injury.

    Special features

    • The Leglifter will fit most types of bed, including profiling beds
    • It’s a completely inflatable, meaning it’s portable, lightweight and easy to store
    • When not in use it fits discreetly at the side of the bed
    • It does not require any expensive or permanent installations
    • The Mangar Leglifter comes with machine washable removable covers
    • It’s straightforward and easy to use as everything is done at the touch of a button
    • Can be packed away for travel, or when it’s not in use
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    Mangar Leglifter (How it Works)

    The inflatable Leglifter provides valuable assistance to raise, lift and transfer legs into bed. It is attached to the [...]
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    Leglifter for the NHS

    pay-monthlyOnly £952.69 with VAT Relief.

    Lifting legs into bed can often prove difficult. Our inflatable Leglifter provides valuable assistance with lifting legs into bed. The Leglifter is attached to the bed underneath the mattress. It is straightforward to fit or remove and requires no permanent installation. When not in use the Leglifter sits discreetly against the side of the bed.

    This product includes the Airflo 12 compressor.

    Technical Info
    Maximum User Weight:

    135kg (21 stone)

    Inflated Length:


    Inflated Width:


    Inflated Thickness:


    Deflated Thickness:

    2 1/2cm



    "The sales assistant on the telephone was very good and helpful with the replacement needed being arranged and delivered very quickly. Thank you."
    Mrs Ann Watson,

    "The service of all your staff has been first-class throughout, very helpful and extremely quick. Thank you."
    Mrs Janet German,

    "After trying to order a replacement battery at my local mobility shop and being told it would take 2-3 weeks to deliver, I was most impressed that my phone call to you produced a delivery in 2 days and at nearly half the price!"
    Mrs J Sysum,

    "I was very satisfied with the service I received, very helpful and friendly and very prompt dispatch of goods."
    Mrs Doe,

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