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    Case Study: Living With MS Made Easier With A Mangar ELK

    Jennifer Humphrey, Plymouth

    Jennifer Humphrey is 73 and lives in an assisted living apartment on the outskirts of Plymouth.  A retired accounts administrator, she is treasurer of the residents’ social club and enjoys spending time with her 8 year old granddaughter Daisy.

    Jennifer was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in her early 50s after experiencing bowel and bladder symptoms often associated with the disease. She had also begun to notice dysfunction in one of her legs and doctors confirmed her condition as secondary progressive MS.

    The Task

    Jennifer explains how the destruction of her nerve fibres has seen an increasing loss of mobility in her lower limbs, although her core strength above the waist remains good.

    After diagnosis, Jennifer was able to continue working at her local hospital with the help of a walking stick.  When mobility first became more difficult, Jennifer’s husband was on hand to help with some of her care needs but sadly five years ago Peter died.

    As time went on Jennifer began to lose more and more mobility in her legs and would occasionally fall.

    The Solution

    Jennifer was prescribed a Mangar ELK lifting cushion so carers in her assisted living apartment building could pick her up without needing to call for an ambulance. This was Jennifer’s first experience of Mangar patient lifting products.

    Jennifer said, “I’m not hurt when I fall but can’t get back up by myself.  I feel very safe and secure when lifted on the ELK, it’s a very comfortable way to be lifted back up.”

    Keen to continue living as independently as possible Jennifer uses adaptive equipment that enables her to live a fulfilled life, whilst maintaining her dignity.  Although now dependent on the use of an electric wheelchair she is still able to transfer from her wheelchair to a seat.

    Carers visit twice a day who help get her up in the morning and to go to bed in the evening. As Jennifer’s legs became ‘heavier’ it was increasingly difficult for her to move them onto the bed. This meant her carers needed to help lift her legs onto the bed which put the health of their backs at risk.

    After a referral to the occupational therapist, Mangar was contacted to demonstrate the Leglifter. The Leglifter is designed to provide valuable assistance to raise, lift and transfer legs into bed. It is attached to the bed underneath the mattress and is straightforward to fit or remove. It requires no permanent installation and when not in use, the Leglifter fits discreetly against the side of the bed.

    Inflated with an Airflo compressor, the carer or Jennifer uses a hand control to raise the Leglifter at a speed that suits her.

    Jennifer says, “As I lost the ability to move my legs myself, getting into bed became a task we struggled with each evening.  The Leglifter not only does the job but also means I am happy in the knowledge that my carers are not going to be injured while helping me”.

    The Outcome

    The Leglifter promotes independence for the user whilst protecting carers from musculoskeletal injury.

    1. Janet Wall says:

      How much is this buy. Does it work if you have a hospital electric bed . The foot and head raise on it but I suffer from lymphoma dema so my legs are very heavy

    2. Sarah Hall says:

      This may be the second time that I have sent this email.? The first time an error message came up to say that I hadn’t done the I am not a robot exercise.

      I would like to know more about the Mangar ELK and whether it is suitable for my 93 year old Dad, who has Parkinson’s. He now has walking frames on each floor of the house, which, hopefully, will help to prevent him from falling. He has osteoarthritis in his knees, and occasionally one of his knees will ‘go’ and he loses his balance. His knees, and general weakness in his legs, make it hard for him to stand from sitting, whether it is standing up from his stair lift chair or from his chair in the kitchen. I wanted to know whether a Mangar ELK would raise Dad high enough to then stand up, or whether his knee condition would make it hard to stand from an inflated ELK. Do you do Home demonstrations?

      Kind regards
      Sarah Hall

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