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    "The Mangar Camel is an amazing piece of equipment, I have had to use it because I have peripheral neuropathy and when I fall I do not have the strength to get up without help, this made it so easy."
    , Marilyn Jackson

    "I was delighted to try the Eagle and was very impressed by it. The back cushion was able to comfortably and securely move me from lying flat into a seated position. The seat cushions were then inflated, raising me to a height when I could stand. The entire process was quick, quiet and very simple. I especially appreciated the adjustability of the Eagle that ensured that the move was accomplished comfortably, and that I felt supported and secure throughout. "
    Tracey Carr,

    "“The Camel Lifting Cushion continues to be very good. We have no trained all our staff on using it and it will be very beneficial for the future”"
    Alice Cann, Deputy Manager, Llanfair Grange,

    "“The Camel Lifting Cushion is a very useful addition to our care home and will come in very handy.”"
    Ann Chapman, Registered Manager, Bondlondeb,

    "“I found the training on the Camel Lifting Equipment extremely beneficial.” "
    Ashley Davies, Care Home Manager, Magnolia House,

    "“Thank you very much for the training today. Thank Dan it was very well presented and very informative.” "
    Nicola Morgan, Ystrad Fechan Care Home,

    "“We are using the ISTUMBLE chart and Camel Lifting Cushion and they are working well at avoiding 999 calls for sure! We just had a chap have a seizure in Wentworth Lodge,– we were able to lift him with a lifting device – and although he did need hospital treatment anyway because of the length of seizure – the ambulance crew were very pleased he is up off the floor! – Who would have thought within one hour of the training we would be using it! Thanks Andrew!” "
    Toby Stockton, Ty Draw Lodge Residential Home,

    "I have the Mangar Bathing Cushion. Four weeks ago I had my kidney removed and this was a god send for me to be able to get in and out of the bath. I was able to purchase mine through my occupational health team. "
    Ness Tucker,

    "I searched on internet for moths and months for an inflatable cushion. I could not find it. I even asked several technical people to build one for me. Which also did not work. Just by coincidence i found, on internet, the raiser lifting cushion. I ordered the cushion and i received it . It works SEN-SA-TI-O-NAL for me and the cushion will change my life in a very, very, very positive way."
    Jim Advocaat,

    "Your technical manager Mr Barnfield is an extremely valuable asset to your company. I initially had misgivings about the failure of Mangar to use protective covers on the inflation chambers of the Ekamove. However Mr Barnfield fully explained why (unlike my old device) why it didn't need them. "
    Jack Connah,

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