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    "The Bathing Cushion is wonderful! I have had my first bath in 6 years (due to disability) and it was so comfortable. Without it I cannot get in and out of the bath. I would not hesitate to recommend your products to anyone with disability"
    Mrs Lyons,

    "They say Miracles seldom happen but for me the Mangar Bathing Cushion is one. Increasingly crippled by Arthritis I found it agony to climb into my ancient narrow bathtub but now I can sit comfortably back and be lifted into the bath and when I am ready lifted out agin. It does all the work for me in blissful comfort."
    Mrs Jackson,

    "Your Bathing Cushion is very much more comfortable, and as it is larger, it is very much more stable too….A soak in a lovely warm bath is very much more comforting and soothing than a shower…..I am very sure that the Bathing Cushion will give me many years of ‘Happy Bathing’”."
    Mrs I Hunt,

    "When I phoned about buying your bath chair your office had experienced either storm damage or flooding and your computers were not working. They said they would phone back and they did. I was impressed with the good natured way they responded. Delivery time was as stated and I am delighted with my purchase. It was such a change talking to real people – not pressing buttons and consigned to a queue. Above all I can bathe in safety much to my family’s relief."
    Mrs Hart,

    "I have been very satisfied with my Bath Lift. I don’t know how I would have managed without it. It was worth every penny I paid for it”. I like my new bath seat. It is easy to take with me when I visit family and friends…It’s very easy to clean, not like my old one."
    Mr Conway-Ryle,

    "We have a son of eight years old who is over 30 kg and severely disabled. There are few things he enjoys more than to soak in the tub, and your product (I saw it first at the “Reha Messe” in Duesseldorf in 2003) enables him to do just that (while I don’t have backache lifting him in and out a deep bath). The “Surfer Bather” bathlift can go lower in the bath than other children’s bath aids we have used – previously we had to use the shower head to bathe him, which he didn’t enjoy much.Thank you Sir/Madam for this innovative product – the proof of your success is to see Dan so relaxed that he now regularly falls asleep in the bath!”"
    Judy Machiné,

    "Thank you for supplying the Surfer Bather so quickly. Our disabled son has already found it much better than his previous bathing arrangements. It can only get better from now on."
    David Llewellyn,

    "The Mangar Lifting cushions provide a safe lift for the patient but also help prevent musculoskeletal injury to our staff."
    Emergency Services Staff,

    "The bathing cushion continues to be essential to me."
    Mr Banyard,

    "The service of all your staff has been first-class throughout, very helpful and extremely quick. Thank you."
    Mrs Janet German,

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