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    Every situation where a fall occurs is different and must be assessed individually. Consideration of space available where the fall occurs and number of staff available to assist with the lift must be taken into account. We would then assess the condition and ability of the patient. The patient assessment can be performed using a suitable assessment tool, such as, the ISTUMBLE app. If your patient has fallen in a tight space we would suggest considering the Mangar ELK Lifting Cushion. You must consider the ability of the patient and check their core stability and sitting balance to ensure it’s safe to use the Mangar ELK.  If the patient is not able or suitable to use the Mangar ELK we would then consider the Mangar Camel or Eagle with integrated backrests. When using the Mangar Camel or Eagle Lifting Cushions you may be required to move the patient into a more open space, using a suitable product, such as a slide sheet.

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