Eagle Lifting Cushion

SKU: MPCA210400

The Eagle Lifting Cushion will both sit up and lift a fallen person. It has a small footprint and can be used in tight spaces such as a bathroom.

This product includes the Airflo 24 compressor.

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The Eagle is our smart home lifting solution. EAGLE stands for Emergency AGile Lifting Equipment and it is the newest addition to the our range of Mangar Health safe lifting cushions.

The Eagle is tailor-made for home care, designed to both sit up and lift a fallen person, and aims to help people with their independence and dignity whilst protecting carers from back injury sustained through repetitive lifting.

  • Inflated using portable Airflo 24 compressor and simple hand set
  • Effective in tight spaces and against walls
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy to clean and disinfect
  • Suitable for single-handed care
  • Supports back, neck and head
Max user weight:

220kg (485lbs)

Max seat height:


Min height:


Seat depth:


Total length:


Total width:


Back/headrest length:


Airflo compressor:


Lifting performance per charge:

Up to 6 lifts

Are there different sizes of lifting cushions?

We have an ELK and a Camel lifting cushion. The ELK will lift 980lbs and the Camel will lift 700lbs. For each cushion, one size fits all and no additional accessories are required. In some circumstances, a slide sheet, transfer board or transfer belt may be required to assist a transfer.

How quickly does the lifting cushion inflate and deflate?

The speed the lifting cushions inflate will depend on the weight of the person being lifted, but generally it will take less than three minutes. The lifting cushions can deflate in less than a minute.

What lifespan does the lifting cushion have?

We expect lifting cushions (excluding batteries) will last seven years in a professional setting and 10 years for domestic use.

What material is it made from?

The lifting is made from a polyurethane coated nylon fabric, which is a hydrophobic material and does not absorb fluids.

Who is eligible for VAT relief?

To be eligible for VAT relief the government says you have to fit the following criteria:
  1. Charities – with a registered charity number.
  2. A person is ‘chronically sick or disabled‘ if he/she is a person:
✔ With a physical or mental impairment which has a long-term and substantial adverse effect upon his/her ability to carry out everyday activities; ✔ Have a condition that doctors treat as a chronic sickness (e.g. diabetes). ✔ Who is terminally ill. Guidance on eligibility is available from the National Advice Service on 0300 200 3700. • You won’t qualify if you are only temporarily disabled or incapacitated, such as suffering from a broken leg or another temporary injury. • Neither will you qualify if you are elderly but are otherwise able-bodied and don’t suffer from any chronic condition. Read More

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