Airflo 12

SKU: CD0100-12
The Airflo 12 by Mangar Health is a low pressure air compressor, which has been designed to inflate the Mangar Bathing Cushion Surfer Bather, Sit-u-Up pillow lift, Handy Pillowlift, the Leglifter and Raiser Lifting Cushion using a stylish, ergonomic hand control. [...] Read more

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I bought my Mangar Bath Cushion With Airflo 12 in July 2023. Paid $753. I am a widow living on Social Security so this was a big purchase for me. I used the cushions only sporadically and just recently needed to charge the battery for the first time. But it will not charge. I contacted UK Mangar and was told I obviously need a new battery but their records show I purchased through "Vitality" and would have to go back to them. I don't have any paperwork other than a paid credit card so I called Vitality using the a .com number. They say they don't have my name or email on account so I fear I am out of luck. What kind of company is this?
I’ve had the air flow for 4 years now . I’ve used the first original compressor twice in a year and it stopped working . I was sent a warranty replacement , I’ve had it for 3 years , and used it once , then I needed it yesterday , and it didn’t work . I called the mangar , and they said it sounds like a internal fault , then sent me to vitality to open a repair case , vitality said it is out of warranty . Even tho I’ve used it only two times in the past three years . How is that possible !! I think the compressor is a piece of junk , that isn’t there when you really need it in a emergency . I had to call emergency services 911 To help my husband . Very very very disappointed in this expensive product that dissent produce . And the customer service departments is absolutely no help at all . They offer no solutions . Sue Cruz
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