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The initial outlay is much more affordable than the cost of a live-in carer.
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Raiser Lifting Cushion

The Raiser Lifting Cushion is designed to support and lift someone that is seated, helping them to get up and out of their chair.

30 StoneMaximum User Weight
23cmInflated Height
43cmInflated Width

Camel Lifting Cushion

The Camel is an emergency lifting cushion designed to provide a safe, dignified lift and is recognised as a unique manual handling aid that reduces the risk of injury to caregivers.

50 StoneMaximum User Weight
56cmBase Height

ELK Lifting Cushion

The ELK is an emergency lifting cushion designed to provide a safe, dignified lift and is recognised for reducing the risk of injury to caregivers.

70 StoneMaximum User Weight

The Original Patient Specific Slings

The original patient specific clip slings have been designed to be used with a four-point hoist clip system with or without powered positioning. They are perfect for avoiding cross contamination and can be disposed of after the patient is discharged from your care.

272kgMaximum User Weight
6Colour coded sizes
TUVApproved and CE Marked


TECcare® CONTROL kills microorganisms by simultaneously attacking multiple microbial structures and components which are all essential to life. The result is a rapid microbial kill of bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores.


TECcare® PROTECT is a disinfectant/antiseptic technology. It’s intended for use as a skin antiseptic and offers safe, effective, user friendly hand and skin cleansing, disinfection and sanitation in the healthcare industry. The TECcare® PROTECT technology is based on the quaternary ammonium compound benzalkonium chloride (BAC) with an adjuvant effect that enhances its antimicrobial efficacy.


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