Mangar Health Donates 10% Of Online Orders To The Alzheimer’s Society

Mangar Health has announced they will be taking part in World Alzheimer’s Month by donating 10% of their online orders to the Alzheimer’s Society.

World Alzheimer’s Month, which begins on the 1st September and is an international campaign which has run for the past 5 years. The campaign aims to raise awareness and challenge the stigma surrounding Alzheimer’s disease across the world.


Mangar Health Donates 10% Of Online Orders To The Alzheimer’s Society


Simon Claridge, CEO at Mangar Health Ltd explained, “Unfortunately 520,000 people in the UK are living with the incurable disease and 46 million worldwide. We know it was important it is to support the Alzheimer’s Society and the vital research into the condition.”


Alzheimer’s is a progressive disease and is the most common cause of dementia, which occurs when nerve cells in the brain begin to die. Symptoms can include; memory loss and difficulties speaking, thinking and with problem-solving.


Mangar Health is donating 10% off all their online orders made on their Alzheimer’s friendly product, the Mangar Camel Lifting Cushion throughout the month of September.


Simon Claridge, CEO at Mangar Health continued, “Unfortunately, people living with Alzheimer’s have a greater propensity to fall over frequently. The Mangar Camel Lifting Cushion is our Alzheimer’s friendly product, as it allows for a fallen person to be lifted safely and quickly off the floor and yet keeping stress to a minimum. This is because the person can keep their feet on the ground and so they feel more secure.”


The Mangar Camel Lifting Cushion is lightweight, easy to use, portable and is able to lift up to 70 stone. It’s powered by the innovative air compressor called the Airflo 24 which has efficient battery technology (NiMh) giving enhanced power and a long battery life.


Mangar Health is the world leaders in the design, manufacture, and supply of innovative inflatable manual handling and bathing equipment. Established since 1981, Mangar Health provides simple solutions for everyday independence.


If you’re purchasing a Mangar Camel Lifting Cushion online during the month of September, please remember to quote ‘‘Alzheimers10’.


If you’re interested in finding out more information regarding the Mangar Camel Lifting Cushion or would like to place an order online please visit

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