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    What Is #UpLiftingCare?


    Today, more than 1,000 people living in a UK care home will fall.
    Of those, 45% will be completely uninjured but many will be left on the floor for hours whilst the care home waits for a paramedic to lift them back up. This costs the NHS over £50 million a year in inappropriate and unnecessary ambulance callouts when care homes could be lifting their uninjured residents themselves.


    Take a look and see what we mean…

    So why are the majority of care homes calling for an ambulance and contributing to the NHS‘s DTOC (Delayed Transfer Of Care or Bed Blocking) crisis rather than lift
    up their residents themselves?

    Well there’s a variety of reasons:

    • Staff may not have access to the right equipment.
    • They might not be fully trained in manual handling.
    • They may have been told to call 999 to protect the home from being sued if the resident is injured whilst being lifted.
    • They may even genuinely believe calling 999 is the best thing to do for the fallen resident.

    Some of those may even be fair points. After all, how do you know when it’s safe to lift an uninjured frequent faller using a lifting device like the Mangar Health Camel or ELK and when is it appropriate to call an ambulance? To help answer that question West Midlands Ambulance Service released a guide known as ISTUMBLE to aid people working in a care home environment…

    Post Fall Assessment - Care Homes
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    Do you think the residents of your care home would benefit from you having one of the Mangar Health Camel or ELK emergency lifting devices to help lift your uninjured fallers (especially when you consider every ambulance trust in the UK uses the ELK with many also using the Camel?)

    Why leave your residents on the floor when you can maintain their dignity and independence by just helping them up yourself?



    Camel Lifting Cushion

    The Camel is an emergency lifting cushion designed to provide a safe, dignified lift and is recognised as a unique manual handling aid that reduces the risk of injury to carergivers.

    320KG/50stTotal User Weight
    56cmBase Height

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