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    The Eagle

    This year, Mangar Health are celebrating 40 years in the business with the launch of our 40th product!

    The Eagle is our smart home lifting solution. EAGLE stands for Emergency AGile Lifting Equipment and it is the newest addition to the our range of Mangar Health safe lifting cushions.

    The Eagle is tailor-made for home care, designed to both sit up and lift a fallen person, and aims to help people with their independence and dignity whilst protecting carers from back injury sustained through repetitive lifting.

    Key features of the Eagle lifting cushion:

    Effective in tight spaces and against walls

    Lightweight and portable

    Easy to clean and disinfect

    Suitable for single-handed care

    The Eagle will be available from Summer 2021. In the meantime, click the images below to take a look at our other lifting cushions including the Camel and the Elk. Manufactured in the UK, our inflatable lifting cushions are found on every emergency ambulance in the UK, saving NHS Ambulance Trusts millions in sickness costs associated with musculoskeletal disorders.

    ELK Lifting Cushion

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