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    Axtair Automorpho Plus Mattress

    SKU: VAXT4
    The Axtair Automorpho Plus helps in preventing pressure ulcers for patients at a medium to high risk of pressure ulcer development, bedridden more than 15 hours a day. Help in treating existing pressure ulcers from stage 1 to 4.
    Patient Weight: 30 to 180KG
    Key Benefits:
    – Effectiveness and therapeutic safety for the patient
    – Easy to use for caregivers
    – Improved quality of treatment and patient’s quality of life
    – 3 widths available for more comfort
    – Ready to use in a carrying bag
    – 2 cell alternating dynamic pressure therapy
    – Mattress composed of 18 cells of 12 cm therapeutic air height and a supportive foam base of more than 5 cm
    – CPR emergency valve
    – Specially designed heel cells to ensure maximum pressure relief
    – Transport mode providing 8 hours of autonomy
    – The patented system of automatic and continuous pressure calculation according to patient’s morphology
    – 2 therapeutic modes: dynamic and low pressure.
    – Nurse mode
    – Comfort control setting whatever the mode used or the patient’s position to allow optimum comfort without compromising on therapeutic performance.
    – Visual and audible alarms
    – Quick user manual and QR code on the side of the pump
    – Washing machine compatible
    – Cable protection as standard

    195 x 87 x 17cm



    Patient Weight:

    30 to 165kg

    Fire Standards:

    EN 597-1 and 2 GPEM D1 90 Classe D

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