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    Axtair Automorpho Axensor Technology Air Mattress AT15


    Air mattress Axtair Automorpho® Axensor technology: a new communicating and entirely automatic motorised air device generation. Product open to information and communication technologies (ICTs). Extensive traceability will make it easier for users to manage their stock of mattresses more effectively.

    • Axensor® technology combining the functions regarding detection of chest rest tilting, transmission towards the compressor, analysis and communication by Bluetooth of technical and usage data of the device
    • Traceability of technical events and events linked to usage of the medical device. Assistance with preventive and curative maintenance
    • Help with treating installed bedsores by a clinically tried and tested alternating principle (EC2005-06, EC2007-8, EC2013)
    • Patient weight: 180 Kg (23.8 st)
    • Heel supports

    Helps preventing pressure ulcers for patient at high risk of pressure ulcer development, bedridden more than 15 hours a day. Also helps treating existing pressure ulcers from stage 1 to 4 in areas at risk.

    • Weight limit: 180 Kg (23.8 st)
    •  15.5 cm therapeutic air cells

    3 therapeutic zones:

    • 2 static air cells located in head area
    • 12 alternating air cells located in sacrum area
    • 4 independent heel relief air cells

    Optional supine position

    • Selective deflation of air cells to prevent from cutaneous injuries and facilitate bronchial secretions for mechanically ventilated patients

    CPR Valve (Cardio Pulmonary Rescue)

    • Allows deflating the mattress in less than 15 seconds to proceed with an external cardiac massage


    Patented system of automatic and continuous calculation of inflation pressure according to patient’s morphology and position in bed

    • Automatic recognition of the connected pressure care
    • 3 modes: dynamic, static low pressure, care
    • Communicating function
    • “I” Touch for technical information
    • Visual and audible alarms
    • Serial number on the pump’s back, simplified
      instruction and QR code on both sides.
    • 22 x 25 x 11.5 cm 3 modes: dynamic, static low pressure and care (for the axensor cushion only dynamic mode is available in connected mode).
    • Technology based on alternating pressure 1 cell in 2 over a complete cycle from 14 to 20 minutes Patented system of automatic and continuous calculation of inflationpressure according to patient’s morphology and position.
    • Audible and visual alarms.
      Flow > 8 l/min.
    • 220-240 V – 50Hz Class II type BF;
    • Average consumption: 5 Watts
    • Sound power <35 dBA according to
    • NF ISO 3744:1995
    • Electric and electromagnetic
    • Compliance according to standards
    • IEC 60601-1 and 60601-1-2
    Patient Weight:

    30 TO 180 KG/4.7 TO 28.3 ST


    195 X 87 X 20,5 cm

    Therapeutic zones:

    2 static air cells located in head area
    12 alternating air cells located in sacrum area
    4 independent heel relief air cells

    Who is eligible for VAT relief?

    To be eligible for VAT relief the government says you have to fit the following criteria:

    1. Charities – with a registered charity number.
    2. A person is ‘chronically sick or disabled‘ if he/she is a person:

    ✔ With a physical or mental impairment which has a long-term and substantial adverse effect upon his/her ability to carry out everyday activities;

    ✔ Have a condition that doctors treat as a chronic sickness (e.g. diabetes).

    ✔ Who is terminally ill.

    Guidance on eligibility is available from the National Advice Service on 0300 200 3700.

    • You won’t qualify if you are only temporarily disabled or incapacitated, such as suffering from a broken leg or another temporary injury.
    • Neither will you qualify if you are elderly but are otherwise able-bodied and don’t suffer from any chronic condition.

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