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    Community Chest Project, based in Presteigne, Powys


    Introducing your Community Chest


    5 million people will fall every year. More than 50% of ambulance callouts to elderly falls are to people who are uninjured but are unable to get up unaided. Although there have been new fall prevention measures, the size of the challenge continues to increase. New falls teams, CFRs, Urgent Care Response Teams and utilising fire services who have been brought online to tackle the falls issue, but because we are an ageing population, so the problem continues.

    The outcomes for the elderly and vulnerable waiting for the ambulance service to support can be critical. When someone is on the floor for an hour or more it is categorised as a ‘long lie’ and ambulance wait times are currently averaging around 4 hours, but often longer.

    ‘Long lies’ means spending more than an hour on the floor before getting up or being lifted. For an older person, long lies are associated with further consequences including tissue damage and pressure ulcers, dehydration, hypothermia, bronchopneumonia, and increased likelihood of hospital admission (Tinetti et al, 1993). Alongside physical complications, emotional and psychological harm may also be endured, including heightened fear of falling and loss of dignity.

    This is why Winncare (previously known as Mangar Health) have launched a community safeguarding initiative in Presteigne.  The objective is to improve the outcome of elderly fallers in the local area by decreasing ambulance wait times, reducing the occurrence of long lies and minimising potential injuries to the care giver.

    To achieve this, Winncare are donating two Mangar Lifting Cushion Community Chests which will be placed in community areas where falls commonly occur, such as high streets, leisure venues and community centres.


    What’s in your Community Chest?




    The Community Chests will contain the Mangar Eagle Lifting Cushion, the Airflo 24 Compressor, quick start instructions and access to the post-fall assessment tool, ISTUMBLE®.

    Winncare has collaborated with the Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust to develop ISTUMBLE®, an algorithm and app used to determine the appropriate course of action in the occurrence of a fall. The health assessment app has been accredited and certified by Orcha, for android and IOS, is DTAC compliant and has been approved for use by the NHS.

    The algorithm provides users with clear instructions on when to call for an ambulance or use aids and manual handling to lift a fallen person from the floor. This is a beneficial tool for the community to use, as users may lack the confidence to assess a faller for injury in a systematic way, safely and effectively. The ISTUMBLE® app can be used offline, so there is no need to connect a device to WIFI when using it.


    The Falls Response Process


    Where is your closest Community Chest?



    The Community Chests will be positioned on the East Radnorshire Day Centre and the Winncare manufacturing facility situated in Presteigne.


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