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    Raiser Lifting Cushions for Local Authorities

    Using the Mangar lifting cushions means our residents can be raised to their feet with minimal fuss. They are comfortable, dignified and don’t feel as though they are causing a scene and upsetting fellow residents. This means anxiety levels are kept to a minimum, which is vital for anyone with dementia.
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    Mangar ELK Lets Charlotte Play With Her 15-Week Old Baby

    Charlotte has compartment syndrome and cellulitis which affects her legs and feet. She also has epilepsy which is tablet controlled. Her physical conditions affect her lower limb ability and she is unable to get down on the floor and back up again. As a result of this, Charlotte is [...]

    Raiser Lifting Cushion

    The Raiser Lifting Cushion is a discrete lifting device specifically designed to help raise a person that is seated, helping them to get up and out of their chair.

    Benefits of the Raiser

    The Raiser is an innovative assisted living aid designed to allow a person to be lifted out of their chair comfortably and safely. The two inflatable compartments rise individually at the touch of a button, slowly lifting the seated person to a position that allows them to stand. This method is considered a great alternative to a riser recliner chair, especially as the Raiser is designed to easily fit the shape of any standard household chair with armrests.

    It’s a lightweight and portable lifting solution that can be used both on top of or underneath a cushion or blanket. This means there is no need to remove the Raiser Lifting Cushion after every use or alternatively, it can be moved from chair to chair depending on the situation. This alone makes the Raiser a perfect solution for someone who may not have access to a riser recliner, without the need to invest in any additional furniture.

    It’s size also means the Raiser doesn’t require two people to deliver it (much like a riser recliner chair), making it quick and easy to deliver and set up.

    The Lifting Cushion is not only limited to getting people in and out of a chair and has a variety of different uses, including:

    • Lifting people up off their bed from a seated position
    • Helping people move from a wheelchair to a standing position
    • Helping people get in and out of their car

    Who Can Use it?

    The Raiser is perfect for those living at home that may struggle getting up when seated as it allows people to safely lift themselves out of a chair in a dignified way. If the user does require assistance when using the Raiser it can easily be done with just one person, making it a valuable aid for single-handed care.

    Special Features

    • Fits on any chair with armrests and can easily be transferred from chair to chair
    • Can be used to help with getting out of a car (car charger accessory available)
    • Extremely lightweight and portable
    • Can be taken on holiday or on day trips
    • Easy delivery and no installation required
    • Anti-microbial material that is easy to clean
    • Can lift up to 30st (190kg)
    • Easy use handset raises and lowers cushion at the touch of a button
    • Can be used with or without assistance
    • Suitable for a variety of different situations, i.e. assistance getting out of bed
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    Raiser Lifting Cushions for Local Authorities

    The Raiser Lifting Cushion is designed to support and lift someone that is seated, helping them to get up and out of their chair. The cushion is easy to use and is self-powered using the Airflo 12 compressor, meaning everything is done at the push of a button.

    The inflatable lift is incredibly light and portable, making it suitable for use on multiple chairs at home or in a Care Home as an alternative to a riser recliner chair. It’s portability means that it’s easy to pack up and take anywhere with you – whether that is on holiday or to a friends house.

    Technical Info
    Max User Weight:

    30st / 190kg / 420lbs

    Inflated height:

    23 cm

    Inflated width:


    Inflated length:


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