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    Top Ten Most Influential Tissue Viability Nurses On Twitter – 2018 Edition

    Tissue Viability is often seen as a ‘niche’ speciality and yet the work Tissue Viability Nurses (TVN’s) do has so many far-reaching consequences across so many other disciplines.

    How to stay up to date though with the latest developments in the field of Tissue Viability or apply best practises yourself?

    That’s why we’ve put together a list (in no particular order!) of the people/groups we think are the Top Ten Influencers on Twitter in their chosen field.

    Go on and give them a follow to keep up to date…


    Joy Tickle is a nursing consultant with a speciality in Tissue Viability and if you think she looks familiar that’s because she’s an advisor on Channel 4’s hit show Embarrassing Bodies.


    Amongst other things Maria Hughes is a Tissue Viability Leads and a Specialist Advisor for the CQC. She’s also very active under the twitter hashtags #stopthepressure and #tissueviability.


    The next entry on our list isn’t a person but a team – Solent TVN’s. By their own admission they’re after a holistic, collaborative approach and the best thing is you can a whole team for just one follow!


    Heidi Sandoz is a registered nurse with a huge passion for educating people on Tissue Viability and judging from her Twitter feed… UB40 as well!


    The Tissue Viability Nursing Service is a one stop shop for all things Tissue Viability related (as you may have guessed from the name) and a great recourse/advice centre on everything from pressure ulcers to trauma injuries.


    UHCW Tissue Viability Nurses are a team of Nurses from UHCW sharing news and best practise for pressure ulcer prevention and wound care. What’s nice about this team though is you can either follow them all here or choose to follow the individual members (links in their bio).


    The Tissue Viability Team for RHCT in Cornwall are enthusiastic about spreading the word about pressure relief on Twitter and well worth a follow.


    The All Wales Tissue Viability Nurse Forum is the Twitter profile for the famous TVN forum of the same name. You can keep up to date with everything happening on he forum by following them here.


    Another collaboration, this time from the Tissue Viability Team at NHFT. They’re great at sharing ideas and best practise on prevention and management of wounds.


    Technically Worcestershire Acute NHS aren’t a purely TVN twitter feed but with over 8,000 tweets they’re certainly one of the most prolific on our list, with a lot of their posts related to wound management and pressure relief.


    Have we missed anyone? Comment below if you think anyone deserves to be on the list so we can get them added!

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