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    blue light services mangar

    Blue Light Services Join Forces to Launch North East Emergency Medical Responder Scheme

    Trial Scheme A new six-month trial scheme will see North East Ambulance Service (NEAS) and the four Fire and [...]
    solve ot- ecruitment problem

    How do you Solve a Problem Like Occupational Therapy Recruitment?

    In London, the high cost of living and unaffordable housing means NHS trusts and social care services are struggling [...]

    Moving with Dignity

    In 2012, NHS England launched the Compassionate Care strategy. At the heart of it are the6 C’s, which are [...]
    bone calcium blog post

    How Well Does Calcium Intake Really Protect your Bones?

    Ask anyone how to prevent bone fractures and they’re likely to answer, “Get more calcium.” Medical experts have tended [...]
    benefits of water therapy blog

    Disability and Independence: Water Therapy

    Frances Leckie, editor of Independent Living, takes a look at the therapeutic benefits of water. Frances is a “DH Guru” [...]

    Improving Training and Education in Patient Handling

    Nurses have the highest rates of work-related back pain. Educational interventions can help prevent injury and promote understanding of [...]
    care act blog

    Latest occupational therapy legislation – The Care Act

    Care Act, Social Services, Housing and Promoting Wellbeing The Care Act has been hailed as the biggest change in [...]
    falls in elderly

    Prevention of Falls in the Elderly

    Falls, fall-related injury, and fear of falling are important public health problems in an ageing society. Falls and mobility [...]
    ots in care homes

    Role of occupational therapists essential for care homes

    Occupational therapists are key professionals in a variety of settings, including care homes, according to the latest report. The [...]
    occupational therapist in uk

    Why the UK is Great for working as an OT

    More and more occupational therapists are coming from New Zealand, Australia and other destinations to work in the UK. [...]

    How to Use Baths to Relieve Arthritic Pain

    ‘Arthritis is a common condition that causes pain and inflammation in the joints’*, it affects around 10 million people [...]

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