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    Evaluation Of The Mangar Ekamove In The Community

    Case Study Written by Kelly Phelan, Tissue Viability Nurse for London Northwest University Healthcare Trust

    Contact at: Featherstone Road Clinic


    I’m a community Tissue Viability Nurse. I found out about the Mangar Ekamove when Rob (Mangar Health’s Pressure Ulcer Specialist) did a demonstration in the hospital with our moving and handling advisor.

    I trialled the product with one of my community patients who has had Grade 2 and 1 pressure ulcers that have been non healing for 6 months plus. She had previously had a Grade 3 pressure ulcer a year ago and I was worried about the wounds deteriorating.

    The patient is 97 with kyphosis. She can only move with assistance. Her son and daughter are her main carers.

    The patient had previously trailed the Toto Lateral Turning Platform but due to the curvature of her spine found this too uncomfortable.

    Rob did a joint visit with me and the patient’s daughter to show us how to use the machine. The patient was placed onto the bed and the Ekamove was set so we could trial different angles that would be most comfortable for the patient. A full demonstration of the machine was given and information leaflets were left with the family.

    The family have fedback to me that they have found the machine very easy to use. It was initially set to an angle of 25 but was reduced to 20 for the patients comfort. The daughter found it very simple to make this adjustment herself.

    Whilst using the Ekamove the patient’s pressure ulcers have all healed. This has reduced the number of district nursing visits required and improved the patients quality of life.

    The patient reported she finds the Mangar Ekamove more comfortable- she has stated it does not feel hard on her spine like the Toto was.

    Having the machine insitu has also helped the quality of the life of the patient’s family. They had previously been getting up 2hrly throughout the night to reposition their mother to prevent the breakdown of her pressure sores.

    The family and I are very happy with the product and have applied for funding to keep it permanently.


    To learn more about Mangar’s Ekamove or to request a free demonstration get in touch here >>

    Or contact Rob direct on 07583 111 423 or email him at 

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