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    Bathing Equipment

    Bathing equipment support for people with limited mobility to get in and out of the bath. In addition to maintaining personal hygiene, a bath can be beneficial to promote a feeling of relaxation and ease pain in joints caused by conditions such as arthritis.

    Using the correct bathing equipment enables a dignified process, reducing the number of carers required and, in cases where the equipment can be used solely by the individual, allows bathing to be an independent and private activity. By putting safety and ease of use at the forefront, there products significantly reduce the risk of slips, falls and getting stuck in the bath.


    Mangar Bathing Cushion

    Safe and simple to operate, the Bathing Cushion allows the user to lie flat in the bath, fully submerged. It can also be fitted and removed within seconds to allow a more flexible environment for shared bathrooms.

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    Mangar Archimedes Bath Lift

    The Archimedes bath lift lowers a person into a bath, reducing the amount of moving and handling required from a carer, and also allows independent use. It separates in pieces for easy removal and cleaning.

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    Mangar Surfer Bather

    Offering a safe way of transferring a child in and out of the bath, the Surfer Bather holds the child securely in the seat allowing them to be fully submerged whilst reducing the risk of injury to the parents and carers.

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    A long hot soak in the bath can be restorative; it can ease muscle tension, clear stuffy heads or simply offer a moment of relaxation and peace in an otherwise hectic world.
    Steph has difficulties with a number of activities of daily living, in particular bathing. She had stopped using her bath following an occasion when she became stuck in the bath for a number of hours, which caused her a huge amount of stress and anxiety.
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