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Info-graphic: Reducing Worker Injuries For EMT’s

Thousands of sick days are lost every year to incorrect manual handling techniques in the EMS sector.     [...]
Norwegian Paralympic Team travelling to South Korea get a lift from the Mangar Camel and ELK

Norwegian Paralympic Team travelling to South Korea get a lift from the Mangar Camel and ELK

Mangar Health’s Camel and ELK lifting cushions will be travelling to the winter Paralympics in Pyong Chang , South [...]

New Mangar Health Employee Buys The Perfect Gift For A Loved One

Sharron Price joined the telesales sales team in November 2017 and it didn’t take her long before she purchased [...]
Hollywood sign

5 Famous Celebrities You Didn’t Know Started Their Careers As EMT’s

Have you ever thought about what celebrities used to do before they became famous? You usually hear about the [...]
Financial Costs Ambulance Agencies Could Avoid But Don't

Financial Costs Emergency Medical Services Could Avoid But Don’t

Unfortunately, as many EMS workers will know and you sadly may have witnessed yourselves, due to the nature of [...]

Outdated Manual Handling Practices Causes Rise In Injuries To Paramedics

Emergency care has been recognised for many years as exposing ambulance workers to high risks of musculoskeletal injuries. Paramedics [...]

6 Techniques For Dealing With Intense Musculoskeletal Disorder Pain

If you’re living with a Musculoskeletal Disorder then you know it can be painful and debilitating. Damage occurs to [...]

Outdated Manual Handling Practises Cause A Rise In Injuries To Healthcare Workers

Working in healthcare can be a demanding job, not only emotionally but also physically. Caregiver’s frequently using their own [...]

Financial Costs Assisted Living Facilities Could Easily Avoid But Don’t

As Assisted Living Facilities are a business and not government-funded or a charity it’s important to keep an eye [...]

5 Times Early Retirement Wasn’t All It Was Cracked Up To Be

In early 2014, financial services provider TIA-CREF conducted a survey which showed that 37% of Americans planned to retire [...]
The Devastating Long Term Effects Manual Handling Injuries

The Devastating Effects Of Long Term Manual Handling Injuries

We all know someone that does or has suffered from a manual handling injury or has maybe even had [...]
The Short Term Effects Of Manual Handling Injuries

The Short Term Effects Of Manual Handling Injuries

In our recent article, ‘The Devastating Effects Of Long-Term Manual Handling Injuries’ we discussed the long-term effects of manual handling [...]
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