Patient Lifting for the NHS

The health and safety of both patients and professionals in the NHS underpin the development of our products here at Mangar.

Mangar’s unique lifting aids are proven to provide a comfortable, dignified lift while still protecting staff from injury. The importance of maintaining safety in lifting cannot be underestimated with the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) reporting that moving and handling injuries account for 40% of work-related sickness absence in health and social care.

Our products

With this in mind, our safe patient lifting products are used on medical wards to enable healthcare professionals to come to the aid of a patient without delay and without putting themselves at risk. We realise that a big part of our responsibility as leaders in our sector is to build awareness about the impact of a musculoskeletal injury. While there is sometimes a culture among healthcare professionals of wanting to help a fallen patient before considering the risk of damage to themselves, our Camel and ELK products and the back-up training, guidance and support we offer greatly reduces that risk.

The Original Patient-Specific Slings

Talk to us about our original patient-specific slings.  Compatible with most hoists our disposable slings are made by the company who made the original patient-specific slings and are good quality products at affordable prices.

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NHS Products

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ELK Lifting Cushion

The ELK is an emergency lifting cushion designed to provide a safe, dignified lift and is recognised for reducing the risk of injury to caregivers.

450kgMaximum User Weight

Camel Lifting Cushion

The Camel is an emergency lifting cushion designed to lift a person from the floor with the help of one person. With an inbuilt backrest, the Camel offers a fully supportive lift for a person up to 700 lbs with minimal moving and handling requirements

320kgMaximum User Weight
56cmBase Height

The Original Patient Specific Slings

The original patient specific clip slings have been designed to be used with a four-point hoist clip system with or without powered positioning. They are perfect for avoiding cross contamination and can be disposed of after the patient is discharged from your care.

272kgMaximum User Weight
6Colour coded sizes
TUVApproved and CE Marked

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