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    The health and safety of both patients and professionals in the NHS underpins the development of our products here at Mangar.


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    Innovations in pressure care

    We know how important managing pressure care for vulnerable patients is and have introduced an exciting and innovative patient turning system to our portfolio.  The Ekamove is the only system on the market that enables Tissue Viability Nurses to use their skills and experience to provide tailored patient care.

    The system, linked to sensors, will turn the patient to any angle between 0° and 30° with dwell times set between 10 minutes and 2 hours, as required.  It is perfect for anyone who requires gentle, regular turning and is so quiet the patient will sleep whilst being turned.

    The Ekamove is perfect for an end of life care, patients with neurologic disease or stroke.

    The Ekamove can be complemented with a range of pressure care cushions and wedges.  The soft, easy to clean fabric provides secure support.

    Reduce the cost of sickness through manual handling

    Manual handling accidents in care environments can result in needless musculoskeletal injuries for healthcare professionals and possibly cause patients distress and unnecessary harm.  This, in turn, escalates costs in terms of sick pay, compensation claims and resource costs associated with long term sickness.

    At Mangar we understand how healthcare professionals working in hospitals supporting patients (and sometimes visitors) who have a propensity to fall can impact on the manual handling requirements.  Repetitive lifting and moving patients on a daily basis is the leading cause of injury.

    Trusted by every NHS Ambulance Trust in the UK, the Mangar Camel and ELK are used on a daily basis to lift fallen people.  Proven to reduce the likelihood of injury to healthcare professionals our lifting cushions are now being used in the USA, Australia and across Europe.

    Easy to use and compact enough to store, the cushions will provide the perfect solution to lifting people who fall, particularly in areas which are not accessible by a hoist such as a bathroom, corridor or car park.

    The Original Patient-Specific Slings

    Talk to us about our original patient-specific slings.  Compatible with most hoists our disposable slings are made by the company who made the original patient-specific slings and are good quality products at affordable prices.

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    Patient Lifting

    Mangar’s unique lifting aids are proven to provide a comfortable, dignified lift while still protecting staff from injury.


    Health sector professionals in the NHS face challenges on a daily basis when it comes to looking after patients to the best of their ability, especially in relation to maintaining their health and wellbeing throughout the night.

    The Original Patient Specific Slings

    The original patient specific clip slings have been designed to be used with a four-point hoist clip system with or without powered positioning.



    Camel Lifting Cushion


    • How do I clean my lifting cushion?
    • The lifting cushions should be cleaned when inflated. Sponge clean with a detergent solution and dry thoroughly before storing in a dry place. The lifting cushions are ultrasonically welded so there is no stitching or gaps when germs can collect. To disinfect use a disinfecting solution or alcohol impregnated wipe.

    Servicing and Warranties

    To ensure optimum performance of your Mangar product you may want to consider an annual service. Our service engineer will call your home, at a time convenient for you to make sure all equipment and parts are in good working order.

    You can purchase service packages over one, three or five years and from 26p a day have the peace of mind that your equipment is covered in case of breakdown, including spare parts and call out charges.

    Our extended warranty plan is straightforward - no part costs, no policy excess and no delivery charges. From as little as 10p per day, you can be confident that if anything goes wrong with your equipment, it will be working again before you know it.


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