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    OT Referral Programme

    Up to 40% off the RRP for your clients.

    If your clients have been advised that they do not meet Local Authority criteria for the issuing of equipment but feel they would still benefit from such benefits from such products, the Mangar OT Referral Programme can help.

    Simple Solutions for everyday independence in 3 easy steps…

    • Select the right product for you… our easy to use bathing and lifting products are designed to make your life easier. Ask your OT for advice on the right product for you.
    • Order and pay… buying through the OT Referral Programme means you receive up to 40% discount off retail prices and may be able to receive your products within 24 hours. Call 0800 2800 485 to make your order or complete the order form in this leaflet.
    • Claim VAT relief… you may be eligible for VAT relief. Read the guidance and complete the VAT Relief form in this leaflet.

    Click the OT Referral Programme leaflet image for additional information including application details.


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