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    Check and Assess Service

    For local authority store managers, we also provide a comprehensive support service called Check and Assess.

    The introduction of the 2014 Care Act placed new responsibilities on Local Authorities to promote the well-being of individuals and that of their Carers. The Mangar Check & Assess service is designed to support that responsibility by giving you easy access to professional advice and information.
    Through Check and Assess, every local authority store manager has a dedicated Mangar area manager to call upon for information, guidance, and advice. Our managers pay regular and scheduled visits to stores to make sure all our manual handling products are fit for purpose and have all the necessary parts to function correctly.


    All Mangar products in stores are fit for purpose

    Experienced Mangar Area Managers will audit the Mangar products held in your stores and identify any out of date or damaged equipment. They can also check for any parts that may need replacing and give recommendations for maintenance.

    All products have the necessary parts to function

    As part of the service, we have technical specification sheets for each product which can be posted on racks and act as a quick guide for Store staff checking stock.

    All LOLER regulations are being adhered to

    Don’t forget our lifting cushions Camel and ELK do not fall under LOLER regulations and the Archimedes Bath Lift doesn’t require LOLER testing until it is 2 years old.


    Free Joint Assessments

    Mangar is one of the few manufacturers still to offer free assessments for Occupational Therapists and service users. A joint assessment with us often means getting the right piece of equipment first time, negating the need for repeat appointments.

    OT Referral rates for client users not eligible for loan equipment

    Not everyone applying for loan equipment will be assessed as eligible. Where this is the case our OT Referral Programme means occupational therapists can arrange for clients to have Mangar products at Local Authority prices.

    Staff training

    Mangar organises roadshows and CPD training modules for Local Authority occupational therapists and store technicians in bedroom, bathing and falls equipment. Training is free and can be held at a location convenient for you.

    Every Local Authority Stores Manager will have a dedicated Mangar Area Manager to call upon for information, guidance, and advice. To arrange a visit call 0800 2800 485 or email

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