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    Do you care for someone who has a propensity to fall? It could be because of frailty, a neurological condition or learning disability, amongst many other possible reasons.

    This post fall management page has been curated to give you lots of clinical information on the best way to care for someone who has fallen, why it is important to lift someone as soon as possible after a fall, when you need to call an ambulance and how to protect carers and healthcare professionals from injuries sustained when lifting.

    Training Videos

    We have a selection of training videos demonstrating the use of the Mangar Lifting Cushion range. Our products are simple to use and the two step assembly means lifting someone, wherever they fall, can be done quickly and safely.

    Myth-busting Manual Handling

    Allistair Burns BSc(Hons) holds a degree in Paramedic Science with Emergency Care Practice and has worked as both an operational paramedic and as an emergency care practitioner in acute and community settings. Ask Al has been created to help answer all your falls related questions… so please ask away!

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    Case Study
    “The reason I became involved with the ISTUMBLE project is that it is so profoundly positive for residents of care homes and those who care for them. The benefits of lifting a resident off the floor are innumerable. By definition residents of care homes are frail – otherwise, they would not be cared for in […]
    Case Study
    A recent pilot by Norfolk County Council has seen avoidable ambulance call outs to resident falls within care homes in the region reduce by 75% with the introduction of an initiative that combines a health assessment app called ISTUMBLE™ and a Mangar lifting cushion. Lifting a resident within one hour of a fall is vital […]



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