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    The Original Patient Specific Slings

    Mangar disposable clip slings are manufactured by the original patient specific sling company and have been widely used in the UK for more than 15 years.

    Benefits of The Original Patient Specific Slings

    The original patient specific clip slings have been designed to be used with a four-point hoist clip system with or without powered positioning. They are perfect for avoiding cross contamination and can be disposed of after the patient is discharged from your care.

    Fifteen years of experience manufacturing clip slings and rigorous checks before dispatch from the factory means you can be confident in the quality of the product. Every sling is load tested to 272KG and is compatible with the majority of clip hoists used in hospitals, care homes and community settings.

    patient specific slings

    Who can use them?

    Your staff will be familiar with our clip slings so they will not need training on how to use them. They’re available in 6 different sizes and colour coded for easy identification.

    Special Features

    • Double-digit cost savings
    • Clips are specially tested to check the flexibility and strength of plastic
    • Every single roll of material is tested to ensure fabric strength
    • Every sling is checked for stitching faults
    • Guaranteed quality – every sling is individually load tested
    • 6 familiar colour coded sizes
    • 272KG safe working load
    • CE marked and TUV approved

    To find out more about the Original Patient Specific Slings contact us on 0800 2800 485 or email

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