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    The Top Ten Most Influential Community First Responders On Twitter – 2018

    For those that haven’t heard the term before, Community First Responders are people who volunteer to be available for dispatch by an ambulance controller to attend medical emergencies in their local area.

    They’re members of the public who receive basic training in things like defibration or lifting people who have fallen over.

    If you are a Community First Responder (or CFR as it’s often shortened to) and are reading this can we just take a second to thank you all for what you do.

    Even if you didn’t make our list as most influential CFR’s on Twitter, the work you do is very much appreciated!


    Michelle Gildernew easily makes the top of our CFR list with over a massive 15.3k followers. If you’re looking to follow an influential Community First Responder on Twitter you can’t go far wrong by starting here…


    Patrick Dunlop is the Senior Media Relations Officer and a Community First Responder for Yorkshire Ambulance Trust so well worth a follow for lots of insider info…


    YAS CFR is the official Twitter page of Yorkshire Ambulance Trusts Community First Responders scheme so you can expect to be kept abreast of all official information with a follow to this page.


    CFR Ireland is the national CFR network in Ireland and specalises in setting up new Community First Responder teams across the country.


    Telford Responders are naturally close to our heart as Telford is where the Mangar Health head office is located – so keep up the good work from everyone at Mangar!


    Wilmslow CFR is a Twitter account run by an individual Community First Responder so is a great one ot follow if you want to see the great work CFR’s do on a day to day basis.


    Crowborough CFR’s support the South East Ambulance Service and are proud to be some of the first to an emergency when they’re needed.


    Ed Thompson is a Community First Responder for the North West Ambulance Service and also a Biochemist! So you know whatever this guys says will make sense!


    FastAid Black Country is a Community First Responder Charity that supports West Midlands Ambulance Service in the Black Country as well as promoting first aid awareness to local communities.


    ManningTree CFR’s are volunteer Community First Responders covering the Manningtree, Mistley, Lawford, Brantham, Bradfield, Dedham and Ardleigh areas of Essex – Well worth a follow if they’re in your local area!

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