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    The Mangar Camel Steals The Show As Fallen Resident Sings Its Praises

    Training care home staff how to use Mangar’s inflatable lifting cushions isn’t unusual for UK National Director Allistair Burn, but at a recent workshop session in south Wales, training turned into a real-life situation.

    Clare Hale, Senior Support Work at Llantarnam Lodge Care Home had organised the training session for her team when one of the residents fell in her bedroom.

    Clare said, “The training session with Allistair went really well and by sheer coincidence one of our service users was found on the floor just as the session was coming to an end. Allistair suggested this was a perfect opportunity to put the Camel to good use and lift our resident off the floor.

    “When entering the bedroom, we found the service user was very agitated and scared. My colleagues and I reassured her and explained exactly what was going to happen.

    “I told her that there would be some noise when the compressor that inflates the Camel is used, but not to be scared as this was normal. We told her to relax, follow our instructions and all would be ok.

    “We put the service user in the recovery position, so we could slide the Camel under her. We then slowly eased her back and she shimmied further onto it.

    “She was still quite distressed as we began to inflate the Camel, however as soon as the first level of the cushion was inflated and in place she became as calm as a cucumber and even started singing!

    “It was lovely to see and just goes to show what a brilliant piece of equipment the Camel is.”

    “I would highly recommend this equipment in all health care environments as it put service user at ease, hardly any manual handling is needed, and service user is able to get off the floor in a relaxed manner.”

    For more information on how using a lifting cushion reduces distress in residents take a look at our Perry Tree Centre Case Study click here.

    If you’d like to arrange a free, no-obligation demonstration of the Camel Lifting Device then please click here.

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