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    Mangar Hits Record Sales Lifted By The Camel Inflatable Cushion

    Powys based Mangar Health has announced record annual sales to the period ending July 2019, after winning additional business for their safe patient lifting range of inflatable cushions.

    “Growth has come off the back of enhanced focus by the UK Ambulance Sector on improved post-fall management procedures in care homes,” said chief executive Simon Claridge.  “That’s where our innovative lifting equipment is used to enable carers to deliver a safe, dignified lift for residents, without the need to call an ambulance for support.  We have been delighted to see some excellent outcomes for both the ambulance service and care homes with an early project evaluation showing an 80% reduction in decisions by care homes to call an ambulance within the first month of receiving the equipment.”

    Mangar Health also launched interactive help for carers earlier this year in the shape of an App called ISTUMBLE™.  ISTUMBLE™ is an algorithm used by paramedics to perform a health assessment on patients they treat, and the App takes healthcare workers through a checklist of steps to ensure it is safe to lift their fallen resident.

    Simon adds, “Our ELK lifting cushion is a product that has been used by Ambulance Services for more than 15 years because it protects paramedics from back injuries when lifting patients.  There is an ELK in every emergency ambulance in the UK because between 10% and 20% of all their calls are to people who have fallen.  The Camel lifting cushion is a slightly bigger version of the ELK and has become the equipment of choice for care homes because it is so easy to use. This year we saw a phenomenal 40% uplift in sales of this product line alone.”

    Mangar Health was acquired by French medical device company Winncare Group last December and has seen revenue growth in both the UK and export markets.

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