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    The post fall assessment tool devised by paramedics, created and trademarked by Winncare

    Winncare has collaborated with the Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust to develop ISTUMBLE ®, an algorithm and app used to determine the appropriate course of action in the occurrence of a fall.

    The algorithm provides care home staff with clear instructions on when to call for an ambulance or use aids and manual handling to lift residents from the floor. This is beneficial to residential homes who may not have clinical staff available as is the case with nursing homes. Residential care staff may also lack the confidence and/or skills to assess a resident for injury in a systematic way safely and effectively. ISTUMBLE ® offers a tool to supplement the existing knowledge and skills of staff.

    An nationally recognised tool, the ISTUMBLE ® app has had over 140,000 downloads and is accredited by Orcha for use within the NHS. Importantly, the algorithm has been demonstrated to reduce the length of time that residents are on the floor.

    Training Videos

    We have a selection of training videos demonstrating the use of the Mangar Lifting Cushion range. Our products are simple to use and the two step assembly means lifting someone, wherever they fall, can be done quickly and safely.

    The Importance of Post Fall Management

    ISTUMBLE® empowers carers to make good decisions around when to lift a fallen resident and when to call an ambulance.

    Used in conjunction with lifting cushions, the combination safeguards care home residents by providing a safe, dignified lift for elderly, frail and disabled people who have fallen to the floor.

    The equipment protect healthcare workers and carers from injury acquired through moving and lifting people with limited mobility

    ISTUMBLE® and Lifting cushions save the NHS and Care organisations £millions annually by reducing avoidable ambulance call outs and hospital admissions.

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    • ““The Camel Lifting Cushion is a very useful addition to our care home and will come in very handy.””
      Ann Chapman, Registered Manager, Bondlondeb
    • ““The Camel Lifting Cushion continues to be very good. We have no trained all our staff on using it and it will be very beneficial for the future””
      Alice Cann, Deputy Manager, Llanfair Grange
    • ““I found the training on the Camel Lifting Equipment extremely beneficial.” ”
      Ashley Davies, Care Home Manager, Magnolia House

    Case Study
    “The reason I became involved with the ISTUMBLE project is that it is so profoundly positive for residents of care homes and those who care for them. The benefits of lifting a resident off the floor are innumerable. By definition residents of care homes are frail – otherwise, they would not be cared for in […]
    Case Study
    Strategies to reduce avoidable hospital admissions are not new.  For many years winter pressures have sparked conversations around home care for the elderly because of fears concerning hospital acquired pneumonia and deconditioning.  More than 80% of ambulance calls are to assist the elderly frail, many of whom have fallen, Covid-19 has exacerbated the issue exponentially […]

    Webinar: Why a focus on post falls management makes sense

    Given the proportion of falls that do not require ambulance service intervention, there is clear potential for solutions that help care home staff.

    E-Book: Post Fall Management and ISTUMBLE®

    This e-book was written in conjunction with Adam Ferry and Kate Sheehan, occupational therapists & directors of the OT Service.


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