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    Bedroom Aids for Care Homes

    Care homes, managing the care of the elderly with limited mobility, prioritise pressure care management in order to reduce the risk of pressures ulcers forming. A number of factors increase the risk of pressure ulcers and maintaining healthy skin is a vital part of the good standards of care.

    Pressure ulcers are an injury that breaks down the skin and the underlying tissue. They are caused when an area of skin is placed under pressure. They are sometimes known as ‘bedsores’ or ‘pressure sores’. (NHS Choices).

    Pressure care equipment can never take the place of good nursing, however good quality mattresses, positioning cushions and patient turners can support healthcare professionals to provide patients with good pressure care day and night.

    With the introduction of the new Winncare foam and dynamic mattresses to our product portfolio, we are able to provide care homes with a solution led approach to pressure care, introducing products that have been used in Europe for 20 years.

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