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    Bedroom equipment to enable Independent Living

    Our range of aids have been designed to assist with some of the challenges faced by people with restricted movement, not only getting in and out of bed, but sitting up in bed too.


    Bedroom Aids

    Jumping into bed after a long day can be a distant memory for many people with limited mobility.

    The stresses and strains of the process can sometimes outweigh the positives of curling up between the sheets and that is something we’re keen to limit for Mangar customers.

    Our products

    Our range of bedroom aids have been designed to assist with some of the challenges faced by people with restricted movement, not only getting in and out of bed but sitting up in bed too. We also have solutions to limit and manage pressure sores and wounds.

    The range of options has one thing in common and that’s to reduce the frustration and sometimes distress associated with bedtime to enhance the opportunity for more independent living.

    For carers and medical professionals, this means a reduction in manual handling, which in turn limits the risk of injury. For the individual themselves, it means a much more relaxing bedtime routine which can result in a better night’s sleep all round.

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    Local Authorities

    Mangar Health work closely with Local Authorities to help provide a thorough, specialist and reliable service to professionals working in the healthcare community.

    Care Homes

    We have developed products within our range which provide safe and risk-free moving and handling options at bedtime as well as those which enable residents to have a better night’s sleep all round.


    Health sector professionals in the NHS face challenges on a daily basis when it comes to looking after patients to the best of their ability, especially in relation to maintaining their health and wellbeing throughout the night.

    At Home

    We work closely with various local dealers, offering a range of aids that allow people to live independently in their own home in a safe and dignified way.


    Patient Turner



    • What material is it made from?
    • The lifting cushions are made from a polyurethane coated nylon fabric, which is a hydrophobic material and does not absorb fluids.

    Servicing and Warranties

    To ensure optimum performance of your Mangar product you may want to consider an annual service. Our service engineer will call your home, at a time convenient for you to make sure all equipment and parts are in good working order.

    You can purchase service packages over one, three or five years and from 26p a day have the peace of mind that your equipment is covered in case of breakdown, including spare parts and call out charges.

    Our extended warranty plan is straightforward - no part costs, no policy excess and no delivery charges. From as little as 10p per day, you can be confident that if anything goes wrong with your equipment, it will be working again before you know it.

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