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    Bathing for Local Authorities

    Bathing products for Local Authorities

    Working as a healthcare professional means that you will be challenged daily with looking after residents to the very best of your ability, including during their bathing routine. With this in mind, we have designed a range of inflatable bathing products for Local Authorities that are safe and reduce risk when it comes to moving and handling patients at bath time.

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    For many years, Mangar has worked directly with Local Authorities to help reduce staff absenteeism due to sickness, as well as improve the overall productivity of healthcare staff because of improved back health.

    The reality is that each year in the health and social care sector there are around 86,000 reported non-fatal workplace injuries, a large portion of them a result of patient lifting.

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    Local Authority Products

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    Bathing Cushion

    Our lightweight and portable bathing cushion lowers patients into the bath, then raises them back up so they can easily get out when they are finished.

    150kgMaximum User Weight

    Archimedes Bath Lift

    The Archimedes Bath Lift is the next step up from our bathing cushion in terms of stability as it provides an extra back support for patients who struggle getting in and out of the bath.

    164kgMaximum User Weight

    Surfer Bather

    The Surfer Bather is a powered elevating bath lift which helps to minimise the moving and handling risks for parents and carers.

    50kgMaximum User Weight
    135cmMaximum User Height
    70 degreesBackrest Angle

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