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    Bathing Products for the Home

    Bathing at home

    At Mangar we supply a range of bathing at home equipment that enables you to live the safe and enjoyable life that you want. We want you to be able to retain both your independence and dignity, at the same time as reducing the need for manual handling from your carers, reducing their overall risk of injury.

    One of our specialist independent living aids in this respect is our inflatable bath lift, which helps make bath time an enjoyable and risk-free part of everyday life.

    Our products are designed to make life easier if you're living at home with an illness that may prevent you getting in and out of the bath easily. This could be someone with Parkinson’s, Dementia, Alzheimer’s, MS or those that may have suffered a stroke. They’re also designed to protect your carers - who may require a variety of different aids in order to make home life safe for all concerned.

    The benefits of bathing if you suffer from such conditions cannot be overlooked as it is a therapy in itself which can help with pain relief and relaxation.

    Your buying options

    When purchasing from Mangar you have two options. You can purchase from our preferred dealers who will give you all the support, documentation, and assistance required to ensure that you are able to use our products with confidence. Or if you would rather make your decision independently and in the comfort of your own home, buy online in the knowledge that if the equipment is unsuitable you can return it free of charge.  Don’t hesitate to talk to our customer care team about your needs first, though.  They have a wealth of knowledge and experience to call on and will make sure you get the right product for your needs.

    If you’re interested in buying from Mangar please email or call the sales team on 0800 2800 485.


    At Home Products

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    Bathing Cushion

    Our lightweight and portable bathing cushion lowers patients into the bath, then raises them back up so they can easily get out when they are finished.

    150kgMaximum User Weight

    Archimedes Bath Lift

    The Archimedes Bath Lift is the next step up from our bathing cushion in terms of stability as it provides an extra back support for patients who struggle getting in and out of the bath.

    164kgMaximum User Weight

    Surfer Bather

    The Surfer Bather is a powered elevating bath lift which helps to minimise the moving and handling risks for parents and carers.

    50kgMaximum User Weight
    135cmMaximum User Height
    70 degreesBackrest Angle


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